Health Center - SPA

Opening Hours  07:00 - 23:00
There are several facilities in the comfortable SPA area, including sauna, steam room, spa therapy pool, private shower room, dressing room, coded locker and resting area. The advanced ultrasonic wave bubble massage water therapy pool is one of the most characteristic designs in this area.

The high oxygen-bearing bubbles are capable of rapidly replenishing the body’s oxygen content, vibrating to offer micro bubbles as smooth as milk, not only attaining stress relief, but further stimulating metabolism and enhancing the elasticity of aged blood capillaries. It may also achieve the five main functions of “heating, massaging, cleansing, beautifying and exercising”. The resting area applied natural quality materials to create the vacationing atmosphere, bringing the body with full relaxation and breath, allowing the body and mind to accomplish the ideal balanced state.


(Please kindly note that NO entrance to Fitness & SPA center under the age of 12.   Children 12 to 16 years old and persons aged over 65 must be accompanied by a family member.)

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